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Important Laws/Orders

During the practice of our disciplines, there are laws that are important for us or for our structure.

Law 1901

The 1901 law defines what an association is. An association is an agreement by which two or more people permanently pool their knowledge or their activity for a purpose other than sharing profits…

The 1901 law preserves the freedom and rights of individuals while allowing their collective action.

A 1901 law association is non-profit*.

To find out more, you can find the law below:

Non-profit: does not aim to obtain a personal financial advantage

Order of May 4, 1995

This decree relates to technical and safety guarantees in establishments which practice and/or teach white water swimming, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and propelled navigation using a paddle.

Content of the order:

Mandatory display (Art. 2):

- A table with the regulations in force,

- A map of the navigation location with annotations.

Do you need to know how to swim to kayak ? (Art. 3):

- Know how to swim the 25 meter freestyle,

- Know how to fully immerse your head.

Equipment (Art 11):

- A suitable buoyancy aid,

- Closed shoes,

- A protective helmet* from Class III or special condition,

- A longjohn or wetsuit,

- One or more lycra,

- A K-way or windbreaker.

*full helmet compulsory from class IV

All this information may be modified and therefore potentially erroneous.

Julien F (10/2020)

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